Heat Block SA-18

HTI SA-18 Heat Block

The HTI SA-18 Heat Block allows you to heat up to 24 tubes for biochemical analysis. The working surface of the thermostat is made of special corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy corrosion-resistant. The device uses a digital display to clearly present results. The unit’s temperature monitoring is carried out with arithmetic precision.

HTI SA-18 is recommended for temperature control of fluids complete for the HTI Biochem SA. The unit operates independently of the analyzer.

Part #: SA-18

Dry block heating
Compact size takes up minimum space
Both ?1.3cm and ?1.5cm tube supported
Digital LCD display
4 temperatures setting, from ambient to 45°
Microprocessor control ensures temperature stability +/- 0.5° in the range
Profiles of temperature 4 modes
Temperature accuracy ±0.5?? ± 0.5 ? C
The temperature difference between the holes ±0,3?? ± 0,3 ? C 25 ? 37 ? C –> C for 6 minutes
Description of holes 20-hole diameter of 13mm, 33mm deep, 15mm diameter 4 holes, 33mm deep