Microplate Reader Immunochem-2100 is a microprocessor –controlled, general purpose photometer system designed to read and calculate the result of assays, including contagion, tumor markers, homeopathy, and dyshormonism.

Assays are read in the micro titer plate with an 8-channel optic fiber system that gives readable result in 5 seconds.

The device is a compact, economical, stand-alone chemistry analyzer with a streamlined design that offers a touch screen interface, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and a built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.


Standard wavelength: 405nm ±2nm, 450nm ±2nm, 492nm ±2nm, 630nm ±2nm, (substitute filters from 400-700nm available on special order)
Abs range: 0-3.500A
Measurement range: 0-2.000A
Accuracy: 0-2.0A: ±1.0%or±0.007A
Presicion: 0-2.0A?±0.5%or±0.005A
Linearity: ±2.0% or±0.007A
Reading speed: Continuous mode 5s, step by step mode15s
Store content: 100 test,1000 patient information, 10000 test data
Interface: RS-232C serial interface, parallel printer interface, telephone line (modem) interface
Display: 5.7″LCD display, 320×240 discernibility,256 gray scale)
Input: Touch panel and pen, external mouse(special order)
Weight: 10kg
Overall dimensions: 450x330mmx140mm
Power: >AC110V-AC250V?50-60Hz
Work enviroment temperature 10C-40C, Humidity 20%-85%