Thermo-Shaker Immunochem-2200
is designed for shaking 1 to 4 standard 96-well microplates in the thermostating mode.

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Thermo-Shaker was designed using the multi-system principle, which allows using it as three independent devices:
 Incubator for lasting incubation without shaking of micro quantities (insect, plant cell cultures, etc.) in immunoplates; Microplate shaker for operation in the cold room or other conditions, which do not require temperature stabilisation; Microplate thermo-shaker for immunochemistry and molecular diagnostics, where the requirements to the result reproducibility and thus to the precise method regulation are particularly high.
A distinctive feature of HTI thermo-shakers Immunchem-2200 is the patented two-side heating of microtest plates that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature in wells of the microtest plates.
Thermo-Shaker Immunochem-2200 provides:
• Gentle or vigorous shaking of samples;
• Regulation, stabilisation and indication of rotation speed;
• Even shaking amplitude throughout Thermo-Shaker platform;
• Setting and indication of the required operation time;
• Automatic stop of platform movement after the set time expires;
• Indication of the current operation time;
• Setting and indication of the required temperature on the platform. The device can be used in:
• Cytochemistry for in situ reactions;
• Immunochemistry for immunofermentative reactions;
• Biochemistry for enzyme and protein analysis;
• Molecular chemistry for matrix analysis.


2 Plates
4 Plates
Temperature regulation range
+25° … + 60°C
Nominal regulation accuracy
±0.1 °C
Temperature uniformity over the platform
0.2 °C
2 mm
Time of thermoblock heating
from RT till 37°C
15-20 min
Independent timer with sound signal
(increment 1 min)
0 – 96 hrs
Display 16×2 signs
External power supply: DC 12 V, 4.16 A
Number of microtest plates 2 pcs. 4 pcs.
Weight 7 kg 9 kg
Overall dimensions 270x260x125 mm 380x390x140 mm
Platform’s dimensions 250×150 mm 210×290 mm